We won! See VCAT page and also NEWS page for updates post decision

File reference below: Resources we supplied the community to help defeat Narconon

Anyone campaigning against Narconon - please note signing a petition is not enough - 1000 signatures only equal 1 objection. Every objector needs to object in writing per person.

  • Submissions must be in writing. At our meeting of objectors on August 22, 2013, Council advised they would keep accepting submissions until the matter is decided by a meeting of councillors. Check with your local council.
  • Object on LOSS OF AMENITY, TRAFFIC, IMPACT ON LOCAL PRIMARY SCHOOL - see templates and personalising opetions below.
  • Objections for this campaign - which numbered 300 - have now closed. 

Write your letter or email detailing 'how you will be affected by the use of a facility like Narconon running a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre'

  • Make a copy of your letter or email, the date it was sent and specifically ask for a receipt for your submission.
  • Keep notes to prove what and when you send your submission.
  • Think about impact on amenity of your local area. Amenity includes any feature, benefit or advantage of the local environment which people currently enjoy. Any effect on views, noise, traffic (it's not just an unsuitable road's a shared driveway!) and general atmosphere is relevant.
  • Think about perceptions of safety or widely held views about a facilities use as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre and how that use will affect you.

If you are a local property owner or Warburton Primary School parent and not sure how to word your objection, you can 

  • Template: Print our simple PDF templates below. Print, date and enter your details and send.
  • Personalise your submission, use SAFETY, AMENITYSCHOOL PARENT or PROPERTY OWNER pages to copy, paste your own objection. 
  • OR contact us for assistance or if you believe you have a new, relevant objection that might help others.


Keep a copy! Some Yarra Ranges correspondence seems to be getting 'lost in the mail'.

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