Safety Objection Sample - You can use all or some of the words below

Attention Ben Page
Planning Officer at Yarra Ranges Council
PO Box 105
Lilydale VIC 3140

RE: Planning Permit Application YR 2013/142
RE: 16 LaLa Avenue, Warburton

I live in Warburton and am writing to OBJECT to issuing a planning permit to Narconon for the application above.  Granting a permit to change the use from a conference centre to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre will provide safety issues and deliver a loss of amenity for me and my community.

We know when people detox from hard and harmful substances at Narconon, they sometimes have issues. They sometimes ‘run away’ or can become aggressive and destabilised. When that happens at O’Shannassy Lodge in East Warburton – the isolation of the current facility helps protect our local community.

But granting this permit will bring destabilised and potentially unsafe addicts – some diverted direct from jail! (see ) right into the heart of Warburton. This will create an unsafe and potentially dangerous situation beside a school, in a residential community with NO POLICE on duty at night. I don’t want my peaceful community decimated in this way.

I request that you do not issue a change of use permit for the reasons above. I also request:

  1. I receive written confirmation of this objection.
  2. Correspondence about the progress of this permit and meetings I may attend.

My name is: _____________________________________________

My postal address:________________________________________

My phone number: ________________________________________________________
I plan to keep a copy of this letter and the date it was sent – pending written confirmation of receipt.