School Parent Objection Sample - You can use all or some of the words below

Attention Ben Page
Planning Officer at Yarra Ranges Council
PO Box 105
Lilydale VIC 3140

RE: Planning Permit Application YR 2013/142
RE: 16 LaLa Avenue, Warburton

I am a parent of a child at Warburton Primary School, near Green Gables and am writing to OBJECT to issuing a planning permit to Narconon for the application above. 

Granting a permit to change the use from a conference centre to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre will negatively affect the state school where my children go.

The amenity of our neighbourhood will be impacted if we lose our local school. Because of perceived safety concerns from existing and potential parents, students may leave our local school or not enrol. A falling enrolment means less government funding as every child brings a certain level of funding that benefits the school. If teachers or programs are lost, the school may close.

I don’t want our local primary school threatened in this way. If the school closes; we will be practically inconvenienced by having to find another school further away. And most importantly, our community will have lost a valuable community asset. Our community will be poorer for the loss.

I request that you do not issue a change of use permit for the reasons above. I also request:

  1. I receive written confirmation of this objection.
  2. Correspondence about the progress of this permit and meetings I may attend.

My name is: _____________________________________________

My postal address:________________________________________

My phone number: ________________________________________________________
I plan to keep a copy of this letter and the date it was sent – pending written confirmation of receipt