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Last Update: March 12, 2014

There is such a massive amount of material about Narconon and their shoddy international practices on the internet, it's hard to know where to start. We provide some links here for the ongoing resource this site will now become..

  • Narconon closed down repeatedly in the USA for Insurance fraud - most recently in September 2013 in Georgia
  • Multiple fatalities from onsite drug overdoses (also in Georgia). Yes, onsite drug overdose at what Narconon Melbourne want to call an 'education facility' - far and above what a normal drug and rehab centre would encounter - far and above what one might expect at an éducation centre'
  • 9% is a better estimate of the success rate. The 70% figure is an absolute nonsense and statistical lie. There is no peer reviewed or audited system to check the success rate. Narconon themselves have no procedure in place to track and check students for the years after they have left the facility.
  • ALL Narconon facilities operate under the same corporate and educational structure. All Narconon facilities deliver an 8 step program - the first is drug withdrawal - the remaining 7 are essentially copy and paste of Scientology teachings.
  • $1000 a week or more (Based on $28 000 cost divided by 4-6 months) is the cost of the program PLUS food and boarding. How is boarding paid for? - not out of the $1000 a week program. Narconon collect unemployment and welfare payments from all students to pay for their board and lodging. This is cold hearted money making at it's extreme. Using compromised people to make money, so they can try and meet their weekly income targets before reporting and distributing funds every Thursday (after the Thursday 2pm audit - yes, it's as regular as that) back up the chain to Narconon and Scientology.
  • Drugs are routinely shipped into the facility, thrown over the fence or gate, smuggled in a shampoo bottle. Narconon Warburton have even had an onsite 'alcohol still' in operation so the students can produce their own alcohol.
  • Many students are at the facility simply to 'tick the box' about having done rehab. Many have no desire to change, they are there because they have been funded by family or friends.
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